Welcome to the WNY School of Hockey!

Developmental Camp For All Ages and Skill Levels

Join our 2016 Camps!

Camp #1 - 

Spring Development Camp: Sunday/Mon/Thurs

Begins April 10th

Ends June 19th

20 Ice Session, tee shirt, jersey, water bottle

Cost - $450/Early Bird $399

Camp #2 -

Pre-Season Prep Camp (1 week day camp)

Begins August 15th

Ends August 19th

2 On Ice Sessions per day/Lunch/Dryland

15 hours of hockey instruction during week

Cost - $299/Early Bird $269

Camp #3 -

After School Clinic 

Begins September 13th

Ends November 1st

8 Ice Sessions every Tuesday 

Cost - $199/Early Bird $169

Development Camp for ALL Ages and Skill Levels!

We are the Premier Ice Hockey Camp at The Northtown Center!


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Our Camps Offers:

  • Edges/Balance
  • Speed Training
  • Checking Techniques
  • Puck Control
  • Small Area Games
  • Defensive techniques
  • Coaching to improve skills and developing muscle memory
  • Positioning
  • And Much More!

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Developmental Camp For All Ages and Skill Levels

Our school has something to offer players of all ages and skill levels emphasizing each players ability to maximize their potential both on and off the rink.

Highly Skilled and Accomplished Instructors

Instructors at the WNY School of Hockey are currently competing at high levels, offering years of experience that they are enthusiastic about sharing with our players!

The foundation of the WNY School of Hockey is built on the basis of passion, motivation, and hard work. Our team of highly skilled professionals strives to provide kids of all ages and skill level, with a positive framework for success, self-enhancement, and maturation through both instruction and supportive nurturing. With an emphasis on teamwork, the WNY School of Hockey provides not only skill development, but also character development applicable to all aspects of the kids growing process, while maintaining a fun and exciting, yet challenging environment.

What type of skill training does the WNY School of Hockey emphasize?

The WNY School of Hockey coaches train players in the areas of skating, puck control, shooting, stick-handling, one-on-one battles, and using the body. In addition to skills training we will emphasize the importance of the mental aspect behind the game including dealing with the highs and lows of the game, always staying one step ahead of their opponents, and how to be leaders on and off the ice.

At the WNY School of Hockey, our instructors ensure all players are performing the skills correctly so they can execute these abilities to the fullest during game time situations.


The WNY School of Hockey is proud to thank it's sponsors:


Verbero Hockey is a new hockey company with the mission to develop the world's most advanced hockey equipment. Verbero focuses on technology, quality, design, service, and value. We are a team comprised of industrial and graphic designers with a passion for hockey. No board of governors. No committees. We focus all of our attention on the product and are fueled by our love of the game.


Valuable defensive lessons
Posted by WNY School of Hockey on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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