What if I want to register my child but the deadline has past?

Please contact Eric Haak by phone 716-903-2658 or by email Eric@wnysoh.com and we will do our best to accommodate your registration needs.

Why choose our camp?

 It is no secret that the game of hockey itself has evolved over the last 10 years, and with it, so has the face. The generation gap among the professional hockey scene has certainly shortened, geared more towards the younger, faster, fancier player, and that's what we at WNY School of Hockey offer. Our camps and clinics are run by todays generation of players; those that are grinding their way through the amateur scene determined to make it in the big leagues. Our coaches are playing todays game, living todays game, day in and day out taking the mental reps necessary to build an all around stellar player, and it's that, that sets the WNY School of Hockey apart from our competition. Our pledge is to teach both the physical and mental toughness of the game, all while creating a fun and inviting atmosphere. Simply stated, we are TODAYS game!

How will my child benefit from attending the WNY School of Hockey?

A season at any camp can have a significant impact on a player's skill level but only if the program is structured properly.  Our instructors at the WNY School of Hockey are dedicated to providing invigorating training that our players will use for years to come.

Improving skills, developing new muscle memory, and learning team concepts are easier to master and retain when the training sessions are week after week for a consistent amount of time.  Also important is our student to instructor ratio which allows for ample individual player attention.

What type of skill training does the WNY School of Hockey emphasize during my players season?

The WNY School of Hockey coaches train players in the areas of skating, puck control, shooting, stick-handling, one-on-one battles, and using the body.  In addition to skills training we will emphasize the importance of the mental aspect behind the game including dealing with the highs and lows of the game, always staying one step ahead of their opponents, and how to be leaders on and off the ice.

At the WNY School of Hockey, our instructors ensure all players are performing the skills correctly so they can execute these abilities to the fullest during game time situations.

What dynamics are in place for my child while attending the WNY School of Hockey?

Week after week, our instruction will build off the prior weeks concepts to provide an overall understanding of the components of each position represented during the game.  We will have the player not only focus on the skill portion of the game but also the mental aspects that are required to play the game.

What is equipment is provided and what is required?

The WNY School of Hockey will be providing your child with a jersey, t-shirt, and a water bottle (spring/summer development camp only).  Required equipment includes: skates, stick, helmet with face mask, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, hockey pants, shin guards with socks, cup,  and mouth guard.

Do I register as an individual or is full team registration accepted?

The majority of registration will encompass individuals, however, we will gladly accept full team registrations.  Please contact Eric@wnysoh.com to inquire about team and multiple player discounts!

Why should I choose your camp when I can attend other camps?  Especially ones that have former NHL players involved?

At the WNY School of Hockey, we know the game of hockey continues to evolve.  Most of our instructors are CURRENTLY playing Division 1 or other extremely high level ice hockey leagues.  They are playing today's brand of hockey at a high level and understand the modern day game and the way it is meant to be played.  We love the game of hockey and want to help any kid or parent that is willing to give us the chance to make your child a better player.  Our focus is to make your child a better player, physically + mentally and it means a lot to us to see the results!

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