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If you're looking for a fun and extremely educational hockey school for your child, look no further than WNY School of Hockey.   The WNYSOH have put together an amazing team of young talent that work extremely well with the kids and make it a safe and fun environment for the students.  I've had the pleasure of working with Eric for the past two years as an assistant instructor to his Youth Skills and Drills Program in the WNY Roller Hockey League, his desire to see the kids succeed, his passion for the sport and the fun atmosphere he brings to teaching make his schools an easy choice for me.

Guy Bax

NY State Ice Hockey Officials (NYHSOA) Assigning Chairman

NYSHOA Assignor of Officials

NYS Amateur Supervisor of Officials West Section

USA Hockey Officials Instructor

USA Hockey Evaluator of Officials

NIHOA Ice Hockey Official 18 years

USA Hockey Official 24 years

Former NCAA and ECAC college official

Our players and their parents loved the smaller groups and individual attention.  The ability of the seasoned instructors to teach and to reinforce the lessons in a positive way for the kids made a huge impact in their progress.  The players really enoyed the edge work, small area games and scrimmages that helped them build their skills.  We saw progress with players of all skill levels and they had a blast!

Scott Mosher

My son Alex Loved going to WNYSOH clinic's, the instructors keep the kids moving and keep it fun, no long lines waiting for your turn in a drill.  The enthusiastic instructors covered all aspects of hockey for all ages.  My son has been going to clinics for over 7 years and these are some of the best!

Tim Jones

Our daughter had a great time at WNYSOH's spring/summer camp. She has shown a lot of development in puck control and shooting strength. Also the emphasis placed on skating will continue to help her manuever on the ice. They kept the players active the entire time and she came off the ice worn out each practice session. We attribute her positive experience and continued development to the low coach to player ratio. We think this really allowed the coaches to know each individual's abilities and tailor drills as appropriate and concentrate areas of improvement for each player. Our daughter was excited to go to every session and that is a reflection of the great program (curriculm and staff) WNYSOH put together.

Joel Bacak

 I would like to let you know that Chance improved quite a bit as a goalie as part of your sessions. I realize these particular training camps are geared more towards skaters, but it did help when you had goalie coach volunteers.  In general, I appreciated the time and effort the whole staff put into these training sessions. This also worked out well for Chance since he was on modified hockey, which has only a few practices.

Alan Hutson

 WNYSOH helped me prepare for my inaugural season with the Buffalo Beauts.  The drills were game situation based and there was always highly competitive energy out there, stemming from the instructors.  As a goaltender, I would highly recommend these clinics!  I got a ton of productive work that definitely opened my eyes to things and made me a better goaltender.  Most of the instructors are playing D1 college hockey and they often jump in for an extra challenge!

Kim Sass

Buffalo Beauty


Very impressed with you guys after one session. My son hasnâ??t played in a few years and you guys made him feel comfortable out there. I appreciate it and keep up the good work. 

 Jonathan Bondi

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